Friday, November 22

Tomorrow's Challenge

A few months back, in an effort to kick start my running again, I signed up for a half marathon. I have never run a half marathon and had been wanting to for a while. Tomorrow is the big race day and the kids are so excited for me. Matilda, in her typical sunny way, keep assuring me I will win. I keep explaining to her that I am not going for a win. The race deadline did work to motivate me into running more, although I am not really ready for a hilly 13 mile race tomorrow. If I can finish it, very slowly and without injury, I will consider the day a complete success!

Here's a link to a map of the course. It has been raining today and is calling for a cool partly cloudy day tomorrow. If that weather hold we should have beautiful skies and a gorgeous view of the city as I plug along the trails!

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