Sunday, September 22

Fair food!

Corn dogs at the LA County Fair.

Tuesday, September 10

Porter's Favorites Today

From a quick lunchtime survey:

Food -Chinese
Toy - tiger bike and Legos
Animal - rat and pug
Color- pink
Holiday- Christmas and halloween together
Place to go- Legoland
Park- Shane's playground in Griffith Park
Game- duck duck goose
Song - Yellow Submarine

Sunday, September 8


At our neighborhood street fair this weekend there was a dunk tank fundraiser for Matilda's school. Thanks to the heat wave there were plenty of dunking volunteers! Matilda was so excited to do it and didn't even loose her nerve during the long wait for a turn in the tank.
Porter stepped right up to provide the first dunking for her. He knocked her in so quick, right on his first throw!
Matilda got to stay in the tank for two more dunks. It was so fun and silly to see all her friends stepping up to take a throw!
I think next year we will make double the money if we just charge the kids to sit in the tank, instead of only charging for a chance to throw.

Monday, September 2

Camping Weekend

We passed a relaxing Labor Day weekend camping in the Eastern Sierras at one of our favorite campgrounds. The kids spent hours mucking in the stream, along with a few little hikes, visiting the fish hatcheries and some swimming.

After years of coming to trout territory, we finally got a little pole for the kids to try their luck.

They didn't get any bites, but had a good time trying.

I swear these kids are part mountain goat; they love scrambling around on boulders so much!