Friday, June 27

Only Slightly Excited

These kids were off the wall bonkers all day as we packed up for our big family camping trip! Watch out, big fun ahead.

Friday, June 20

Preschool Graduate

First Day:

Last Day:

 Oh my heart, these years are going too fast.

Friday, June 6

Hello, Summer Break!

Yesterday was Matilda's last day of second grade. She was justifiably off the walls. She also would like you to please refer to her as a third grader now. 
Her plans for the summer include reading too much, hopefully to the point of developing bedsores. To get a head start on that goal, she woke up at 5:45 this morning. To further exacerbate the excitement, any moment now her teacher is scheduled to stop by with some homemade biscuits as a thank you present for our family's volunteer help in the class! Lucky all around I think.

Sunday, June 1

Happy tired kids

Sun fried and pooped from a day at Disneyland!