Saturday, September 29

Holy Pyrotechnics, Batman!

 Much to the delight of the many superhero fans in our house today, we went to the Batman live show this afternoon. What's Batman Live? Think Batman on Ice meets Cirque du Soleil. In the eyes of Porter, almost drool inducing. Despite the long duration, we had no need for snacks or other
distractions to keep anyone in their seat.

Here you get a glimpse of the Greyson family (translation: Robin's parents) doing their trapeze act.
Catwoman makes her appearance to tease Batman.
 More circus tricks in the Penguin's lounge.
 I think the Joker had all the best toys. He made his first appearance popping up out of this Jack in the Box.
  Batmobile! Porter was yelling out exclamations at this point, ensuring everyone around us was also witnessing the greatness.
 Another fun Joker vehicle. Even cooler when (spoiler!) Harley Quinn lit it on fire.
The whole cast of heroes, villains and performers came out at the end for a bow.

Wednesday, September 26

More Emmys

Since it is not yet two weeks ago, I can totally still post more Emmy pics, right?

Tim documents his red carpet experience.
The view from our seats. 
Since there are so many awards to be presented, a soon as your name is announced as the winner this huge timer would start counting down. You had 45 seconds to get from your seat, to the stage and to COMPLETE your thank yous. It was brutal, some folks by the end were running down the aisles. I remember one film maker speaking about her documentary saying, "Thank you for giving us a voice," right as they cut her off. Just a little ironic.
Tim's super star co-workers on stage! It was super fun to be there caught up in all the excitement as they jumped up form their seats.
Posing with the Emmy and its' owner at the Governors Ball. Matilda was incredulous to find out we were going to a ball. "A real ball!?" she asked.
All the courses were very fancily arranged on our plates. I only took a picture of dessert but really wish I had a photo of the 1st course. It was this crazy looking sphere made of smoked salmon and avocado, then rolled in nuts and seeds and sprouts kind of like a cheese ball. A nightmare for a fancy event as everyone filled their teeth with seeds.

Mingling around the stage area.

Crappy cellphone pictures of the entertainment. There was so much to take in I think we may not have appreciated it fully. At one point we looked up and realized a bunch of singers were on trapezes!

Silly Boy

Porter got into the dress up!

Tuesday, September 25

Soccer Boy

Porter started AYSO soccer today. He was incredibly proud and excited and adorable. The tiny uniforms kill me = too cute.

Friday, September 21

Welcome Home Endeavour!

Wow! We had awesome views of the shuttle as it flew by us four times at the Observatory. It was insanely hot and there were a ton of people there but the infectious excitement kept everyone in good spirits. 
 Some fire fighter went up his ladder, possibly as a lookout? A good diversion for Porter, regardless. 
 Looking a little hot and sleepy as we wait. 
 The roar from the crowd when it arrived was incredible. 

Classic Hollywood!

 Crowds, Observatory and departing shuttle. 
 As bonus excitement in the sky we got to watch a rescue helicopter pull some people off of the peak behind the Observatory. 
More space program, please!

Thursday, September 20


Porter was quite pleased to happen upon a trampoline in our wanderings today. The orange skinny jeans also represent his first fashion fit. Tim got the kids each bright colored pants from H & M during our Emmy's suit shopping spree last weekend. Orange for Matilda and green for Porter. Porter sobbed and cried and moaned so much that we finally relented and exchanged his pants for orange also. 

Monday, September 17

How to Pass Time in Line

We went to Disneyland today for some fun while Matilda had an extra day off from school. Usually we do not wait in any line longer than 15 minutes but we made an exception to that rule today as it was crazy busy there and we wanted to check out the new Cars Land rides. Here are some ways you could pass your time if you find yourself in a 40 minute line.

Hang on the bars. If they have chain barriers it is even better because they are both noisy as you hang AND have the potential to whack some other poor unsuspecting child.
Work on your upper body strength and try to kick your legs into the people behind you. Or your mom in front of you!
 Dance and sing like a crazy.
 Climb on the rails some more and chat with your friends.
 Zone out watching the ride you are waiting for.

 Look for garbage to pick up! Not to provide a litter-reducing service, just to germ-ify your hands.
And then there is the classic stand-by, snacks!
(We actually had a lovely time and overall the kids did great with the long lines, other than infringing on the body space of our fellow waiters a bit.)

Saturday, September 15

Friday, September 14

Woah, We Live In Hollywood!

Late this afternoon Tim discovered that we get to take advantage of some extra tickets to the Emmys tomorrow night. Not the televised, huge Emmys, but the creative Emmys where all the behind the camera and reality tv folks get their recognition. One of the shows that Tim works on is nominated in several categories so tomorrow we get to go! I am almost thankful for the last minute notice because it is less time to freak out about getting fancy enough. In record time today we managed to secure a babysitter, a new suit, a borrowed fancy little black dress, a new bra to go with said dress, a new clutch (clearance!) and a hair and make-up appointment. (I will need professional assistance to get beautiful. She is giving me a discounted rate because I do not want fake eyelashes applied.) It will be an epic event with award show at 4 and then the fancy dinner from 8-11. Pictures to follow for certain of fancy folks and expertly applied make-up.

Wednesday, September 12

I Heart Amy Poehler

From her Smart Girls website. If you are parenting an elementary school aged kid I also recommend the Ask Amy on friendship. I think I will be word for word repeating her advice next time Matilda comes home with school yard I'm-not-your-friend difficulties.

Here is my beautiful, strong, smart girl this morning:

Sunday, September 9

Very Successful Whale Watching

We had great luck on our whale watch today.
 The captain and crew found a huge patch of krill where a juvenile (yet still enormous) humpback whale was feeding. They kept the boat right in that area and for over an hour we got to watch the whale coming up to feed. He was crazy close:
The quintessential whale picture. Thanks for posing!
 The kids were especially excited by the large blow hole breathing noise the whale made each time. The very first time the whale surfaced it was right in front of where the kids and I were all standing at the rail. The loud noise was such a surprise and left no doubt about where to look to see the whale. We all had such huge grins on our faces at that moment.
Another big first of the day that Porter was thrilled with: a boat ride on the Pacific! In addition to the awesome whale, we also saw a lot of dolphins, a very playful sea lion who was shadowing our whale friends (providing great clues of where he would surface next), and an enormous quantity of krill and squid.

Wednesday, September 5

Porter's First Preschool Day

Our big boy is at school! He was crazy excited this morning and it was adorable to watch his sweet face take it all in. I can't wait to hear his report on the day when we go back at noon for pick up. 
Matilda was also really excited for him and was asking to skip school this morning so she could go along for his first day. Luckily she has a bonus day off later this month (thanks to budget cuts and furlough days) so I could promise her to go for drop off and pick up that day.

Monday, September 3

Camping Weekend with Friends

 Look at these happy faces; there is no doubt we had an awesome weekend camping.

 The kids both loved climbing the roots of this huge dead tree.

 Rafi's first camping trip!
 We brought along an old three man tent we have had forever and set it up as the "play tent." It was a stroke of genius as the kids spent a ton of time playing contentedly in there.
 Mucking together in the creek.
 Rafi has some fans.
 I think that technically you were not supposed to try to catch the trout hatchlings, but it was mighty tempting.
 Panning for "gold."