Thursday, May 27

It's the Thought That Counts

Matilda scooped up this pile of fallen flowers from right under our neighbors pigeon coop and declared they were for Uncle Brian and Aunt Gia. I am not sure what inspired her, but I figured a photo might be better than an envelop full of dead flowers mixed with bird poop. She's thinking of you two!


My daughter just addressed me sternly as "young lady." I cannot imagine where she heard that. I am slowly building my endurance back up and learning to enjoy these long days home alone with them again. As long as we stay busy with activities and develop a high tolerance for house-mess.

Wednesday, May 26


"I don't want any pickles for lunch, because pickles are toooo salty".......says the girl who already ate half a can of anchovies with her lunch.

Sunday, May 23

Don't Speak

We have spent all day trying to wear out the kids and orchestrate Porter's naps so that both kids will be asleep during the 9-11:30 p.m. period this evening. We will see if we have achieved success. But just in case, ask before you speak to me of a certain series finale.

Saturday, May 22

Return to Underwood

Tim took the kids out to the U-pick farm for the first time in eons today while I worked. They had tons of fun as you can see. It was a big week around here with my part time job starting and the kids spending a bunch of time with a babysitter. We all survived and are a bit exhausted, to
say the least.
Matilda seems to be coping with it all by being extra sweet with her brother.
She's taken to addressing him as "Porter-my-best-friend." It is quite endearing and might just keep me from selling her mid-fit one day here as she flexes her amazingly strong 4-year-old will.

Monday, May 17


We all went along with Tim shopping for new frames this weekend & Matilda was quite entertained. Considering the family history, I think it is fairly safe to
say she'll get her own in a few years.

For Grandma Marge

While shopping yesterday, Matilda found this skimpy tunic/dress/cover up thing and randomly decided it should be for Grandma. A very sweet sentiment, but not quite her style I think.
I might have found something at work today a bit more your speed lately, Mom. I can only imagine the goodies in here:
Also, the lilacs have finally reached us here. I can't smell them without thinking of my childhood home.

Saturday, May 15

Do Over Birthday

I finally pulled it together enough to acknowledge Tim's (now long past) birthday. He is an old man! We toasted his years and wisdom with lots of chocolate cake and whiskey.

In order to pull it together though, I had to kick Tim & the kids out of our filthy place for several hours in order to clean it. Look how much fun they had:
It seemed to be peak season for roses.
Porter is a fan of Souplantation.

Thursday, May 13

Cell Phone Pix from the Looney Bin

We all went out for a neighborhood stroll, looking slightly crazed.
Spin, spin, spin.

Tuesday, May 11

Seeking Your Advice

OK, really, tell me what to do. I do not know how to get this kid to cool it. Pictured below she looks adorable in her outrageous get-up at the Science Center today: astronaut gear and mis-matched boots.
A few moments later I discovered her not-so-adorable secret. She was hiding her mouth in the astronaut suit because she was CHEWING SOMEONE ELSE'S OLD GUM. This was not the first incident. How do I get this kid to stop picking up germ-ridden trash to chew? I'm guessing a muzzle is not legal.

Monday, May 10

My Mother's Day

My little family spoiled me nicely yesterday with the perfect balance indulgence and normalcy. First out to breakfast, where all I really need to make me happy is a big cup of coffee.

Then to market as a family, for the first time in weeks. Then, Tim took the kids to hunt pill bugs and romp in the park while I escaped.
I tested my pancreas with Cinnabon for lunch.
Then, much to Matilda's delight, we had a sensible dinner of grilled calamari with arugula.
The kids went to bed early-ish and Tim & I got to catch up on a little tv and retire at a reasonable hour. A lovely day.

What's the "Sorry" For?

As I was cooking dinner, Matilda was sitting at the counter doodling on a paper, claiming she was writing a note to Tim. Here's what it said:

Dear Dad,
I hope you have a great time at work. Sorry. I want you to come home.

Tim has been back to work now a week now and we are all adjusting. The kids both miss him lots during the work day. Matilda asks for him often and Porter gives him so many hugs when he arrives home. I am bracing for my first full week back home on duty with 2. I think I might need a pack of Red Bull or something until I can build my endurance back up!


Buyer Beware: If you choose this new skirt as your mother's day treat to yourself, you might spend all day Monday holding it up on your body as the baby boy tries desperately to pull the beads off.

Sunday, May 9


There are so many amazing mothers in my life who help shape, encourage and strengthen me. Thank you all for your love, generosity of spirit and constant cheerleading efforts to keep me going.
Ithaca Summer 112  8-6-06

Stella Turns 1 2-23-10

Porter Turns One 4-22-10

M & Grandma Kathy 04 5-21
Happy Mother's Day. Most especially to my mom.
Tucson Tales 11-27-09

Thursday, May 6

Don't Bother

These were calling me in grocery store today but were not all that. Like whoppers almost, not pretzel-y enough. I might have to try again will some coconut M & M's I saw recently. It seems Mars is going wild.

Tuesday, May 4

Michigan has Funny Playgrounds

Sunday night there was a really hard rain so when we hit the playground Monday it was half under water. It was also really sunny and nice. I was very amused hearing all the other moms fuss at their kids to come get sunscreen and "keep your shoes on, the ground is too warm to be barefoot." The ground felt lukewarm at best to me. I felt like saying come try my playgrounds folks, this wimpy sun is nothing!Also, Porter is entranced with the motorcycle and is trying to get Grandpa Chris to take him out for a spin!

Monday, May 3


Here are some things we laughed about in the past few days:
  • Uncle Brian pole dancing with Mom's IV pole. I tried desperately to get him to let me photograph it, but he is a wise man with political ambitions.
  • Sitting around Mom's room yesterday we heard them call a "Code Emma" (stroke) over the loudspeakers. Chris, Mom & I then proceeded to make up our own codes. We were falling out of our chairs over the thought of whatever code they might call if someone spotted Mom's bare butt hanging out of her gown while climbing out her window down a sheet-ladder to escape.
  • Also, poop jokes. In the hospital there is a lot of concern over when you last pooped. We are getting a lot of miles out of that.
Amid all the craziness right now of trying to get Mom well, I want to remember these moments.

Sunday, May 2

Vague Update

Mom was home briefly for the day Saturday and got to enjoy some of the lovely spring weather here, sitting in the back yard & watching Porter eat grass and greet the passersby. Late Saturday her doctor called her to come back & be re-admitted to the hospital for some treatment & more tests. We are not completely sure the source of all this now, but hopefully getting closer so she can move forward with a treatment and care plan.

Porter is either on a sleeping strike, or very concerned about Grandma Marge because he just settled back to sleep at 6a.m. after waking up at 3:45. Combine that with a midnight bedtime last night and two SHORT naps yesterday and you have one sleep-deprived baby on your hands. The upside is he might nap more today so I can let him sleep on my chest & visit with Mom more, rather than chasing him around the hospital. The question is, do I try to fall back asleep, or give up and head for the coffeepot?