Friday, November 30

Busy Month Ahead!

Well, aside from one slacker day I managed to make it through the month posting everyday. Trying to post daily in November is a good kick start to get me back to documenting life here more often when I have stopped making time for it. I always have tons of "material" and things I would like to post about, but often let the blogging fall down my priorities list. This next month will fly by with all the holiday festivities and school events and hopefully I can keep my pace here as well.

A glimpse of December events that will hopefully make it onto this space:

Biltmore tree lighting ceremony
Elementary school concert
Preschool field trip to see Endeavour
Gingerbread house decorating
Preschool library filed trip
Company holiday party
Dirty Santa Party
Nutcracker ballet
Some Christmas crafting
Holiday cookie baking

Thursday, November 29

Escape of the Grown-ups!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks so the adults in our house made an escape for it!  (thanks to our last minute babysitter)

Tam O

After all these years in LA we finally ventured into Tam O'Shanter! A 90 year-old home of rare steaks, high end pub food, and WONDERFUL cocktails!



All that and someone else put our kids to bed, too?! It's like a 2 hour holiday on a week night! 

Wednesday, November 28

Time Machine Needed

Porter is the king of buyers remorse. Lately, within 1-20 minutes after ANY decision, Porter changes his mind. Sometimes we can easily readjust our course and accommodate the request, but just as often it is too late. This morning a few minutes after Tim and Matilda left for her school drop off Porter decided that he had wanted to go. He was inconsolable.
Almost the entire 30 minutes Tim was gone Porter raged about how he had wanted to go. Finally I decided to just use this motivation to my advantage. I told Porter we could get dressed to walk up and meet Tim on his way back from drop-off. He got dressed in record time and we were just headed out the front door when Tim turned up. You can imagine the fresh round of tears that resulted! Poor Porter.

New York Photos: Funny Face Edition

Ahhhhh. I can just hear the sigh that accompanies this face.
3 out of 4 is pretty decent.

Gio, merely tolerating his dad.

"Get out!" says Tomasina.
My brother does his tongue thing in a surprising number of photos. Saboteur.

I am clearly not impressed with whatever Dad is saying here.


Monday, November 26

Home, Tired, No Drama

Beyond the slight hassle of keeping occupied and entertained for three planes, a shuttle bus and a taxi ride, our trip home was totally easy. The kids did well with the only potential incident being when Matilda dumped her full glass of apple juice directly into her lap. This occurred at the beginning of our longest flight so she sat in a moderately soggy seat for that flight and we switched her into some back up dry tights at the next airport. Passed the time with lots of snacking and treats, including Gio's baptism cookie. Thanks Gio!
  Trip Home 11-26-12
 Porter was so loudly enthusiastic over checking out this old comic pricing guide of Tim's that we had to put it away after not too long.
  Trip Home 11-26-12
 Matilda took some photos out the window to pass the time, including one of the Grand Canyon area. She really enjoyed our good views of the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty today. Trip Home 11-26-12
On our last flight Porter need some new material so I distracted him with body art. Here is my take on G-pop driving the tractor out to the farm with a variety of dogs following. Trip Home 11-26-12
Home, sweet, home at Union Station. These kids were such troopers hauling luggage today. Trip Home 11-26-12

Sunday, November 25

Long Day Tomorrow

The kids and I fly home tomorrow with our flight taking off at 6:10am. All our bags are packed and Tim is already en route now with a 14 hour head start. We have three connecting flights so it will be a marathon trip! Think good travel thoughts for us as I try to survive the long day of bathroom emergencies during take off, endless snack demands and toys lost to the under seat area.

Saturday, November 24

Cheech the Parakeet

Meet Cheech. Also known as Chi Chi. As he will tell you, he is "such a good bird." IMG_8968
 Cheech was Aunt Mernie's companion and now has come to live with my dad. He will inspect your jewelry for you if you need. 11-23-12
 He also likes to patrol on the kitchen counter. 11-23-12
 The funniest thing about this bird is his passion for a ballpoint pen. Anywhere the pen goes, Cheech will follow. He loves this pen like nothing else. Or maybe he hates it, we can't quite tell. I am guessing the pen was his main competition for attention from Aunt Mernie because she was always making notes and lists or writing letters. As Matilda was delighted to discover, Cheech will sit on your wrist and chitter at the pen and rub his beak on it the whole time you are writing. 11-24-12

Friday, November 23

Remembering Mernie

Today the whole family gathered for a little memorial service for my great aunt Mernie who passed away in September. She was just an amazing woman. She always emphasized to me how happy she was to keep up with our adventures via my blog, so much so that each time I have blogged these pasts months I think about how she'll never read my newest post as I publish it. Remembering Mernie 11-23-12 Remembering Mernie 11-23-12 Remembering Mernie 11-23-12
 We all gathered at my grandma's house and it was so fun and strange to have a whole new generation of "kids" eating in the kitchen while the grown ups sat in the dining room. Remembering Mernie 11-23-12 Remembering Mernie 11-23-12 Remembering Mernie 11-23-12
 A newspaper clipping from Mernie's house of grandma and grandpa in their sailboat, another source of many amazing childhood memories.
  Remembering Mernie 11-23-12

Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gemma sports her fabulous turkey dress and does some texting. IMG_8863
 A most delicious spread. IMG_8869
 G-pop and Gio, post dinner. IMG_8886
 A Turkey Day tractor ride to entertain the kids. IMG_8852

Tuesday, November 20

Sapsucker Woods Leaf Fun

We walked around the bird sanctuary and got a little bit of bird watching in, but mostly got the enjoy the mild fall-like weather here in NY. The leaves were not very colorful anymore, but they were still really satisfying to crunch and toss.

Today's Fun

Pee pee in the tee pee jokes. They never get old!

Sunday, November 18

Gio's Baptism

Gio was the textbook perfect perfect baby for his baptism ceremony all smiles and dimples and happy baby. As the priest put water on his head he just smiled even bigger!
Grandma Margie and Gio share some secrets.
Matilda was more excited for the day than anyone I think, as it provided her first opportunity to wear the new velvet spinning dress.
Handsome boys, looking good in their church clothes.
This baby boy is so happy. Look at that dimple!

Saturday, November 17

Post Red Eye Exhaustion

We took it easy today, napping and playing at Uncle Brian's house to recover from the short night of sleep. Porter was plenty entertained when he saw the new toy we found in the garage. 
 Even better, he got a chance to sit on the new dirt bike AND rev it!
 With my big boy Gio!
 To top the day off we met our old pal at his newly opened wine bar. His daughter gave Matilda a lesson on how to use the dishwashing sink so they could clean up after our pizza take out and wine.

Friday, November 16

Thursday, November 15

Pajama Day

The kids got a pajama party to celebrate a class milestone.