Saturday, November 3

Double Header: Pancake Breakfast vs. Birthday Party

Just a regular busy Saturday today with kid fun all around! (I have to admit, grown up fun, too.) First up was the fundraiser pancake breakfast at preschool.
Soccer ball face painting by teacher Adela, to go with his new Beckham jersey. 
Matilda and another first grader alumni pal got in on their old playground action with the zip line thing. 

Artsy craft thing with the famous video playing in the background. There was also a kids band that came to rock out for an hour and some story telling in the back yard. Super fun and a great fundraiser!
Next up, neighbors rainbow unicorn birthday party.
In addition to the standard taco truck, bouncy house good time, they had this awesome rainbow crayon craft. First up choose your colors.
Next, hot glue them to the canvas.
 Hit it with a heat gun (or I think in a pinch a hair dryer would do).
Porter's final product.
They looked so fun all lined up drying.
Pinata madness. Porter takes a big tongue-hanging-out-in-concentration swing. Check out that line of kids waiting behind him. There was probably 50 kids there.
The candy grab part always cracks me up.

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