Monday, November 26

Home, Tired, No Drama

Beyond the slight hassle of keeping occupied and entertained for three planes, a shuttle bus and a taxi ride, our trip home was totally easy. The kids did well with the only potential incident being when Matilda dumped her full glass of apple juice directly into her lap. This occurred at the beginning of our longest flight so she sat in a moderately soggy seat for that flight and we switched her into some back up dry tights at the next airport. Passed the time with lots of snacking and treats, including Gio's baptism cookie. Thanks Gio!
  Trip Home 11-26-12
 Porter was so loudly enthusiastic over checking out this old comic pricing guide of Tim's that we had to put it away after not too long.
  Trip Home 11-26-12
 Matilda took some photos out the window to pass the time, including one of the Grand Canyon area. She really enjoyed our good views of the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty today. Trip Home 11-26-12
On our last flight Porter need some new material so I distracted him with body art. Here is my take on G-pop driving the tractor out to the farm with a variety of dogs following. Trip Home 11-26-12
Home, sweet, home at Union Station. These kids were such troopers hauling luggage today. Trip Home 11-26-12

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