Saturday, November 24

Cheech the Parakeet

Meet Cheech. Also known as Chi Chi. As he will tell you, he is "such a good bird." IMG_8968
 Cheech was Aunt Mernie's companion and now has come to live with my dad. He will inspect your jewelry for you if you need. 11-23-12
 He also likes to patrol on the kitchen counter. 11-23-12
 The funniest thing about this bird is his passion for a ballpoint pen. Anywhere the pen goes, Cheech will follow. He loves this pen like nothing else. Or maybe he hates it, we can't quite tell. I am guessing the pen was his main competition for attention from Aunt Mernie because she was always making notes and lists or writing letters. As Matilda was delighted to discover, Cheech will sit on your wrist and chitter at the pen and rub his beak on it the whole time you are writing. 11-24-12

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