Wednesday, November 14

48 inches = 4 Feet

We went to the doctor today to get a flu shot for each of the kids. The last time Matilda had a shot was about 18 months ago and she got herself really worked up before that time. Today I didn't tell her until we were getting out of the car what was going on. She immediately started acting like a cat going to the vet. No amount of talk was going to get her out of the car so I eventually just pried her fingers open and carried her off. Poor gal. It was quite the ordeal that involved equal parts of Matilda clinging to me for dear life and trying to scrabble out of my arms away from me lifting her onto the exam room table. In the end, they both got their shots and the most exciting news of the visit was that Matilda has officially hit 48 inches in height!
(This is not some kind of crazy alternative measuring system from the pediatrician's office today. It was taken Monday on our Natural History Museum adventure. Taller than a black bear!)

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