Sunday, June 30

Minor League Ball

To thoroughly enjoy the heat wave, e went to a ball game last night. The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes are a farm team for the Dodgers. It it almost more fun than a real Dodger game, because you get to sit so close to the action for so cheap!

 The super silly mascots, Tremor and Aftershock, also add greatly to the fun.
 Porter got the practice some pitches, serious business.

Near the end of the night Tremor came around to visit our section and introduced the kids to Silly String. When that ran out, he shot a confetti thing at us for some more laughs.  
By the time we left the parking lot at 10:15pm, after a great game and fireworks show, it had cooled off to a very reasonable 94 degrees!

Friday, June 28

10 Years = Tin or Aluminum

I love our wedding anniversary because it not only reminds me to celebrate this fabulous relationship I have with my Tim, but also because it is a chance to remember all our amazing friends and family who came together to celebrate our marriage. People who are all still cherished and important to us. What a fun party that was, thanks for indulging us!

Tonight we are going to celebrate and reminisce over steak and martinis! I know we will probably laugh and smile just as much as this day ten years ago, like we do everyday. Life is more fun and funnier with you around, Tim.

Thursday, June 27

Summer Reading Program

We stopped by the library yesterday to pick up some new books and the kids got their summer reading packets. The reading incentive program really is working in this house as they both tore into their stacks of books.
Porter has been begging since to read more books so he can check off more steps towards a prize. Matilda never needs any encouragement to read and is working on logging all 20 hours of reading in one day I think!

Tuesday, June 25

Slip N' Slide

Porter's school friend invited us to a slip n' slide party today. I was expecting the old school sheet of plastic with a hose, but this is what we got:
 Holy moly, good time!

Sunday, June 23

Drive In Fun

Monsters University did not disappoint, a super fun night filled with giggles, nachos, the super moon, and lap snuggling.

Friday, June 21

Happy Summer

To celebrate the big week of first bike riding, first soccer camp and the first day of summer we went out for an evening walk to our neighborhood frozen yogurt place. (It's hard to say cheese when you need to monitor what the ambulance is doing.) 
The kids were determined to stay out until dark for the longest day of the year. They managed to hold out easily and we were rewarded with some great views of the huge moon tonight.
The trickiest part about scootering around the neighborhood at dusk is that Porter only wants to look down and see the awesome flashy lights on his sneakers as he zooms along. Not the best method for safely speeding down the sidewalk!

Unheard of Luck

As I was clicking through to the final confirmation page of my Orbitz plane ticket purchase today, I got that dreaded price change message. Buying plane tickets almost feels like a sport in our house as we watch fares and watch fares and play with dates and destination cities forever before purchasing. Everyone has been burned by that dreaded fare increase that bumps the price right when you finally decide to purchase. For once, the fare moved the other direction today! It felt like hitting the jackpot.

Thursday, June 20

Biker Kids

Since Porter started really riding his bike on Monday, he is crazy into riding and after soccer camp that's all he wants to do. The excitement led Matilda to try finally on Wednesday and she totally got it! Today we took the bikes up to the reservoir with a friend and they all rode 2 1/2 miles.

Check that item off our summer to do list!

Monday, June 17

Bike Boy!

Right after Porter's balance bike broke in May, he was given this hand me down bike. I had taken off one of the training wheels but couldn't get the other one off. Yesterday, on Father's Day appropriately enough, Tim managed to get the second training wheel off. This afternoon Porter hopped on his bike and everything clicked. It was astounding to watch. He was so fast and good on the balance bike, that we knew once he got a little confidence he could take right off on a regular pedal bike. It was so exciting to witness! I see a reservoir run/bike in our near future.

Sunday, June 16

Father's Day....on the Rocks

We had a fun Father's Day with Tim scrambling and climbing out on Vasquez Rocks. It was a blast for everyone as the kids got the explore and Tim got to follow them taking pictures.

Hope all the dads out there had a great day, especially Hugh, Brian and Tim. You guys are the best.

Raising the Bar

We went to the birthday party to end all birthday parties this weekend. It had a pool, with lifeguards. It had a taco truck. It had a bouncer house. It had puppies. I can safely say that a good time was had by all.  
Thank goodness it is another solid 9 months before birthday season in our house so Matilda can forget about the existence of a puppy party service.

Thursday, June 13

Tuesday, June 11

Burn and Recharge

Porter played and played until he just finally dropped. We camped all weekend with his preschool friends and it was a blast. Those kids went non-stop! When we got home Sunday afternoon he took an epic nap. That evening he got a fever and has been fighting it ever since and sleeping a crazy amount. I think his body just needs a reset. Me too!