Thursday, August 14

Away He Goes, Jet Pack Powered

Tim has been plugging away at making a jet pack for Porter for a while now and finished it just in time to gift as a first day of Kindergarten present. All the hard work and time spent buiding it was justified by Porter's enthusiastic reaction! 

 Apparently it's a very serious responsibility wearing this jet pack! 

 One of Porter's immediate concerns with the jet pack was whether it would be safe from wild animals if we left it out on our back patio area. (He is very wary about the skunks, possums and raccoons that frequent our yard.) We joked with Porter that the raccoons were not plotting to fly away in his new jet pack. Funnily enough, as we got ready for bedtime that evening the local raccoon family started making a major racket walking around on the aluminum roof of that same back patio area. Porter was in a panic trying to simultaneously close the back door and go out to get the jet pack from them. We watched them for a long time climbing our tree and growling, squeaking and grumbling to each other. Porter's worry for his new precious toy seemed to subside a bit and so far the jet pack has not gone on any wildlife joy rides that we know of. Well done RD Papa, this imaginative toy is going to get some miles on it. (Yes, totally, pun intended.)

Tuesday, August 12

Kindergarten and Third Grade

Here we go, another whirlwind day of firsts. Both kids were super excited for school to start today. Porter is really happy to be going to Matilda's school now, and Matilda was just about bursting with pride over her new kindergartener today. (Sob.) They both got the teachers they were wishing for. As Matilda said this morning, this might be the best year ever!

Matilda was on cloud nine this morning yelling hello to everyone and seeing all her friends again.

Porter marched right up to the front when his teacher (the same kinder teacher that Matilda had!!) called them. He held his own as line leader and turned back to call out a goodbye to us before leading the class in. So proud. 
  This boy!
Now I just need to shake this panicky feeling of how to most efficiently use my kid-free time. I can't think of the last time I had 6 hours to myself. I think bon bons on the couch are in order, stat.

Tuesday, August 5

Pool, Beach, Pool, Beach

The kids cannot seem to get enough water fun so we just keep repeating these two outings. 

This video of Porter jumping off the diving board is from last week. He is making progress every swim and now looks slightly less like he is drowning. It cracks me up, and definitely says something about his personality, that as soon as he can barely swim he is ready to start throwing himself off of things into the water.