Wednesday, September 7

First Day of Kindergarten

As you can imagine, we seem to have thoroughly documented this momentous morning with photos. Matilda was so excited and a champ. All set here with new dress, shoes, backpack and lunchbox.Headed out for the walk to school.
Running along the way.
We met the crossing guard, Hugo, who was so friendly and awesome. He was greeting kids by name, even switching over to French to say good morning to kids headed to the French school a few blocks over.
On the front steps of her elementary school.
They sent all the Kindergarteners and their families to the auditorium to meet their teachers.
She was starting to get a little jittery here, as we waited a long time in the auditorium for the teachers to arrive. Once they did and I pointed out her teacher standing up front, Matilda said "Can I go now?" She was so ready.We were supposed to say goodbye in the auditorium but the crowd of parents trickled along to the classroom door and then stood there peaking in and taking pictures until they finally had to close it on us!
The best news of the morning is that the AC in the classroom got fixed, so the kids won't be keeling over from heatstroke on the first day. I don't even know what to do with myself for the 5 hours until pick up, I am so proud and excited and teary-eyed.

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