Thursday, September 15

Non-school Related Doings

Kindergarten is going. Each day is a bit better. I am trying to hold my tongue and give it some time before I freak out or complain more. When not getting teary worrying about M while she is gone, I am thoroughly enjoying my time with the boy. Today at the park we found a parked street cleaner and it was like Christmas for Porter. 
He was so in awe of it.
I even let him touch the bristles.
 We also did a lot of swing time. This boy loves to swing.
  Now that the school year has started, I am starting to tackle all my get-settled and unpacked projects. One of which is this bench I am making for seating at our kitchen table, inspired by this. I have foam for the cushion already (thanks to Sarah Jo) and will go Friday to the fabric district Downtown for the hard decision of what to cover it with. Very exciting.

From the bench project I had a little extra wood scrap and some nails that the kids were more than happy to hammer in for me. They probably spent an hour taking turns hammering and pulling these nails back out, only to re-hammer them in again. It was so fun to see their excitement.

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