Wednesday, September 28

Natural History Museum Day

One of my favorite parts of the new leisurely days with Porter is getting to go at his pace more. We can wander through a museum with less "hurry up" and "slow down" to keep two kids in pace together. Today we went with one of Porter's pals (admittedly a younger sibling of a Matilda preschool friend, but he loves her so) to get some more dinosaur lovin' time in. It was awesome to be there now that school has started because we had the whole place to ourselves. They kids actually got a chance to use this awesome touch screen:
 After the animated dinosaur is buried, they get to choose tools and "excavate" by rubbing their fingers on the screen. They both thought it was pretty cool.

In the Insect Zoo section a docent was available to introduce P & I to a hissing cockroach. It even hissed for us!

This museum has an awesome kids discovery room and we spent a lot of time there looking at taxidermied animals and other specimens.
 My favorite new addition is this enormous T rex puzzle! The skeleton was supported by metal brackets so you had to find the right bracket to fit each rubber bone. I am a little puzzle obsessed so I spent a lot of time trying to convince Porter to come back and help me see it through to completion after he had lost interest.

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