Friday, September 30

Disney Day

To top off our already over-scheduled week, I thought it would be fun to treat Matilda to a Disneyland day Thursday since she had a holiday from school. Alwyn was game and met us there with Adlai for some good times. 
It was fun to see the whole place was decorated for Halloween, except for maybe this poor horse who was pulling our trolley. I think a big handsome Clydesdale deserves a little dignity.
The day before when I told the kids our plan, Porter, on his own, concocted a story about wanting to find Mickey Mouse and stand with him for a picture. (The kids have never stood in line to take pictures with characters really so I am not sure where he was getting this.) With some luck, we found Minnie in her witch costume, which was close enough for him and he's calling her Mickey.
We also came across the Queen of Hearts terrorizing kids. The baby in the stroller was actually giggling at her big face, but Matilda was cowering behind me while Porter and Adlai were carefully observing the whole situation.
These kids look so big to me lately.
 Adlai, Matilda and Porter all enjoyed the Zephyr ride so much that we rode it two times in a row. The California Adventure side of the park was blissfully quiet, unlike Disneyland proper.
Alwyn was kind enough to wrangle the two boys a few times to let Matilda and I ride a few "big kid" rides.
I even managed to convince Matilda to finally try the swing ride. She's been tall enough to ride with me in a tandem seat for a while but wasn't quite ready. This time she acquiesced finally and claims to have loved it, although there was definitely some concern mid-ride.
All in all, another fabulously fun day at Disneyland and only moderately exhausting. We tried to leave early (staying ONLY 5.5 hours) partly because I didn't want to wear them out too much, and partially because we had tickets to my birthday concert last night, Gillian Welch with Dave Rawlings. It was a fabulous show but after the day at Disney and 4 hours standing on a crowded dance floor I was feeling my age a bit.

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