Friday, September 30

Love Love

This week we had a playdate with one of the old preschool pals whose French father happens to be an out-of-work chef. He made us amazing crepes for a snack because he knew how much Matilda had gone crazy for them when he came in to cook during International Week at school last year. Matilda ate three crepes, preferring the plain sugar filled crepes to the Nutella or marmalade ones. Porter was not as into them as I expected. He had a few bites of one, but then preferred to spend his time with all the awesome new trucks and dirt piles available for play. Over dinner we were recounting it all to Tim (who was terribly jealous), and we asked Porter if he didn't like the crepes. He said, "I don't not not love them, I LOVE LOVE them!" A perfect example of him trying to express himself so well lately. So, he claims he loved the crepes, but lucky for me I got to eat most of his, in addition to my own. M & I both would have happily eaten more but I cut us off in an attempt to keep up good manners or appearances or something.

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