Wednesday, September 28

New Hand Me Downs

Matilda got a big bag of fun clothes today from a friend whose outgrown them. Her favorite item (and mine for certain) may be these pink, rhinestone studded horn rimmed cat eye glasses. Just the thing every 5 year old needs. She also got a matching pink princess phone, which I think is functional but will be a play phone around here.

Awesome glasses paired with new silk beaded tank and black tutu with a kitty cat tail. 
She wore the glasses all night and is currently sleeping with them inside a new hand me down purse clutched in her arms.
Here she is hooting with laughter as she discovered a naked Porter in his new favorite hiding place. We just got this new ottoman for storage/seating by the computer desk. I think Porter will be quite disappointed when it is filled up and not available as his personal jungle gym.

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