Thursday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Matilda decided firmly on Cleopatra as her Halloween costume last December after seeing the visiting Cleopatra exhibit at our science center.
Porter was talked into being a Roman by his sister but is very pleased with his get-up and will happily try to capture you. 
Or maybe stab you with his fork.
The gladiator, Cleopatra, and her guards.

 Grandmummy gets into Halloween just as much as we do!

 Have a fun day and watch out for the sugar crazies! As Tim dropped Matilda of at school this morning he said, "Good luck today!" to her teacher. Luckily Mrs. P has a great sense of humor and chuckled as she replied, "Yes, I think we are gong to get A LOT done today!"

Monday, October 28

Pumpkin Carving Party

Porter is super into pumpkin carving this year and wants to carve every pumpkin in sight. 
We read a Halloween book called Pumpkinheads this week, which lead to this photo op. Tim was super savvy and requested all our favorite Halloween book from the library early this month so we have gotten lots of time to savor the seasonal tales.
Our masterpieces from left to right: Tim, Matilda, me, Porter, and Grammy.
There are two more sugar baby pumpkins on our porch that Porter keeps threatening, but the thought of pumpkin pie seems to be holding him off for now!

Thursday, October 24

Betta version 10.13

Meet Blueberry, our latest Betta fish.

Wednesday, October 23

Woof woof

Do you hear someone barking?

Saturday, October 19

Donkey Fairy

This is possibly my favorite frankenbear animal we made today! The booth was a huge hit and churned out so many fantastic creations. Aside from all the fun had, we managed to raise $650 dollars by selling used stuffed animals. Win win!

Friday, October 18

Ready for the Derby

Porter's Dinosaur Time Travel Hot Rod
Matilda's sarcophagus car
I have to admit Tim and I got pretty into this project! 

Wednesday, October 16


For the big fall festival at Matilda's school I am working at the Frankenbear booth. We solicited a ton of donated stuffed animals and my first task was to wash them, and then decapitation.
 Kids will get to come and pick out new heads and bodies to match together and then we will reattach them. I think this will be such a fun, creative project. 
 So much potential for awesome creations!

This kitty girl might be my favorite of our practice creation, but I can't wait to see what the kids come up with.