Sunday, February 24

Today's Fun

First ever roller coaster ride for both kids was a success; we rode it three times straight!

Saturday, February 16

Two Seater Trike

Cousin Leah takes Porter for a spin.

Bulky Item Removal

This week our new mattress was delivered and we were thrilled to get rid of our ancient, saggy old one. By some great stroke of luck, Porter and I were arriving home from a walk when the garbage truck pulled up. The driver was so super friendly with Porter and quickly recruited him to help. Porter was so serious and straight faced during the whole process and it was not until after the truck drove off that he finally smiled and turned to me to say, "that was really special!"

Thursday, February 14

Sweets for the Sweet

Matilda used her new cookie press to make pink heart shaped cookies for all her classmates and our neighborhood friends. She packaged them all up herself and was really excited this morning to march off to school with them.

Her favorite silly boy pal at school went above and beyond the standard paper valentine card and gave her a box of chocolates and a Cinderella necklace. He is an awesome, funny friend but I am not prepared for all the boyfriend talk I am hearing reports of these days!

Happy Valentine's Day from Porter

Porter and Tim collaborated (with the help of an awesome iPhone app called Halftone) to make these super cute valentines. Porter is really into writing these days and insisted on personally addressing them. He did an amazing job of writing out all 43 names for his school friends!

Tuesday, February 5

Filed Under Miscellaneous

Today was the 100th day of school celebration and the walk home featured some cute crafty 100-fun.
Matilda also made a fun 100 book. "I wish I had 100 hamsters. If I had $100 dollars I would buy new high heels. I would never eat 100 apples." She clarified that she loves apples but just wouldn't be able to eat that many at once. She also drew a great picture of what she will look like at 100, walking crooked and playing with a yo yo.
It is fairly impossible to get good pictures of the rats since they are always moving and just look blurry. Last night as we gave the rats some exploration time to find treat on Porter's train table, I was happy to get these cute shots of Watson riding in the new Playmobile ambulance.

Porter's hair is a mop. A helmut. Outrageously huge. The gal who cuts his hair is working tomorrow so maybe we can possibly go solve this problem.
Today he used both a headband and a butterfly net to help keep his hair out of his eyes. Innovative. Or possibly practicing for some cops and robbers role play.

Sunday, February 3


Aunt Mernie Photos

Thanks to Uncle Dave and Aunt Lydelle's hard work sorting and scanning pictures, we all now have access to a lot of great photos of Mernie's life. I had not seen most of these before her memorial and it has been such a treat to browse through them all. Here are a few I wanted to share for other family that also missed seeing them.

As a baby, perched on one of the delivery trucks to the family dairy, Millers Dairy.
Scan 138
Riding another component of the dairy farm. Mernie and my grandma, Margie, are on the cow on the right.
Scan 141
Mernie, Margie, Honey and their dad at Niagara Falls.
Scan 109

Marian Miller
I love this picture of my grandma and grandpa with Mernie; I think you can see so much of their personalities  in those sparkling eyes.
Mernie, Edd & Margie
Mernie's wedding day.
Scan 24
In Italy in the 50's.
Scan 45
Crazy cool car.
Scan 46
Skiing in the Alps on Christmas Day.
Scan 30
This one was taken in Italy also, near Capri.
Scan 11