Sunday, February 3

Aunt Mernie Photos

Thanks to Uncle Dave and Aunt Lydelle's hard work sorting and scanning pictures, we all now have access to a lot of great photos of Mernie's life. I had not seen most of these before her memorial and it has been such a treat to browse through them all. Here are a few I wanted to share for other family that also missed seeing them.

As a baby, perched on one of the delivery trucks to the family dairy, Millers Dairy.
Scan 138
Riding another component of the dairy farm. Mernie and my grandma, Margie, are on the cow on the right.
Scan 141
Mernie, Margie, Honey and their dad at Niagara Falls.
Scan 109

Marian Miller
I love this picture of my grandma and grandpa with Mernie; I think you can see so much of their personalities  in those sparkling eyes.
Mernie, Edd & Margie
Mernie's wedding day.
Scan 24
In Italy in the 50's.
Scan 45
Crazy cool car.
Scan 46
Skiing in the Alps on Christmas Day.
Scan 30
This one was taken in Italy also, near Capri.
Scan 11

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