Wednesday, July 31

Rainy Day Fun

Coming from a climate without enough rain, even the rainiest days are enjoyed on vacation. 


There kids are having major fun together. Gemma seems to be in a big "no" phase, but she says "yes" to Matilda more than anyone else around here. 
 I see you.
 Gio does some unorthodox gardening. I think he understands just how much his dad cares for both his golf clubs and his citrus trees.
 Uncle Brian has an awesome apple tree for climbing, almost as good as the one we had growing up!

The Family Tour Continues

Our trip is really taking us on a huge tour of family. The latest stop last night was at Uncle Dave's in Rochester, who graciously hosted a crowd of us to facilitate great cousin catch up time. After a whole bunch of pre-dinner backyard soccer, hammock and rope swing shenanigans, the kids moved in for music fun. Some piano time for Gemma and Matilda.
After a demonstration from cousin Chris, Porter and Josh both got experience being even louder than normal.

Friday, July 26

We Heart NY

We are having such a blast here I can barely take time away from the fun to post photos, but here are a few examples of the good times we are savoring.

 Dirt pile in the back yard.
Crayfish chasing.
 Zip line!
 Garter snake catching.
 Vacation-land eating.
 Wine tasting!
 Ithaca is Gorges.
 Bug heaven.

Tuesday, July 16

Evening Beach Excitement

It was such a pretty sunset as we arrived home from dinner that we went out for a quick beach walk before bedtime. The kids found plenty to do and after watching a fisherman catch a sting ray earlier in the day, they were excited to watch for more excitement. After no time at all they were rewarded with a large fish and a tiny shark!
After they got the shark free from the hook the fisherman showed the kids is teeth before tossing him back into the waves. Poor guy was working hard to get out past the waves and got washed back up. 
Porter got brave and took a turn grabbing him by the tail and tossing him back out!

More Beachy Traditions

Birthday Cake, Sparklers (a new tradition), and Board Games.

Friday, July 12

Travel Day

We are headed off today on the Grand Tour of the Grandparents of 2013. Both kids said the exact same as I woke them up while changing them sleepily from pajamas to clothes, "I'm so excited to go on our trip!"

Monday, July 8

RC Fun

Porter took the new awesome RC boat from uncle Brian out for a spin finally today. It was super fun! Who needs ponds when you have giant city fountains. The rule board did not specify no remote control boats! Homeless bathing - No, RC fun - Yes!

Thursday, July 4

Monday, July 1

Camping Christmas

Tim's office had this crazy equipment sale to get rid of a bunch of gear they bought for production on some show. The kids were not the only ones super excited to empty the full trunk and paw through all the new treasures.
This 10 man tent is ridiculously large, but for $30 who can turn down that fun!
The kids were most excited about the monster tent, while I was thrilled with the score of 3 new camelbaks for $1 each! I do love a deal. We are all looking forward to a camping trip soon to test out the new loot.