Tuesday, June 30

Old Family Rituals

When Matilda was a little baby we used to go for a family walk each night in the summers. She loved (almost demanded) to get out for walks and Porter is the same. Usually when hungry/dirty diaper/tired is not the answer to his needs, he will stop fussing the minute we step out of our apartment for a stroll. This week we reinstated the family walk and tonight, much to Matilda's delight, she rode in the Ergo. She had walked the past evenings but tonight was tired and in need of some Mama time. M reiterated so many times how she's not too big for the Ergo lately and squealed with glee when I proposed a walk. Quite the change from her early days in the Ergo. I think my next challenge will be to get M with the Ergo in back & Porter on front in the Bjorn to see how far I make it! That should shed some pounds.

Monday, June 29


We discovered today while playing in Matilda's room that Porter will hold things for a few minutes. M was terribly excited with this development and spent a long time jamming things into Porter's hand to see what he would hold onto.

Also, when Porter gets in trouble with M for clubbing her dolls, let the record show that he was completely set up. She staged this entire scene.

Sunday, June 28

Sibling Jealousy

This video about how an older child feels upon the arrival of their new sibling had me just about peeing my pants. And not only because of any lingering pregnancy-related incontinence.

Sushi Roll

Our fish loving gal finally convinced us to cave and let her have some raw fish when we all went out for sushi lunch this week. Here you can see her reaching for Tim's spicy tuna rolls. Matilda has had plenty of sushi rolls that contained cooked fish or only vegetables. She loves every kind she's tried and is especially a fan of seaweed lately. We've discovered these delicious seaweed snacks (salty, fishy, papery dried seaweed strips) that Matilda will do just about anything to get - great motivation for good behavior on a tantrum-y day. 

Matilda seemed to really like the spicy tuna roll and has declared that next time she wants salmon. We'll see how long it is until the next time; I still don't feel totally comfortable with the risk involved and haven't researched the topic adequately. Probably we'll just limit it to occasionally, but I can say for sure we will keep denying her the raw oysters that she wants to eat with Tim at the farmers market
  First ever bite of sushi roll with raw fish. 

Second Time Flower Girl

The computer is still funky around here so we haven't even downloaded all the pictures from Matilda & Tim's trip to Georgia, but I wanted to get this one picture of M up from Cousin Kelly's wedding. She looked so cute and did a great job. Just as she was headed for her solo march down the aisle the doors behind her got slammed, so that the bride could make a grand entrance. Needless to say, Matilda got a little freaked when she realized the doors behind her were closed and the church in front of her was filled with way more people than during her rehearsal sessions. She froze and then started to slowly side step backwards. After Tim's attempts to wave her down failed, Cousin Michelle came to the rescue and marched back up the aisle to accompany Matilda on her trip down. (M did end up bravely walking back by herself.) 

A Honeymoon Lunch Conversation

A conversation over lunch, Monday June 22nd, after returning from her cousin Kelly's wedding in Georgia.

Matilda: When I get older I will get married and then I will go on a honeymoon.
K: Wow, great. Where will you go on your honeymoon?
M: On a propeller plane.
K: That sounds like fun. 
M: I will go on a propeller plane ALL BY MYSELF.
K: Really, will your husband come with you on your honeymoon?
M: Nope. I will go all by myself......and Grammy.
K:  Grammy will go with you?
M: Grammy will pick me up.
K: Grammy will pick you up to go, or Grammy will pick you up afterwards?
M: Grammy will pick me up at the airport after I go on my propeller plane. I'll go all by myself.
K: That sounds like fun. Where will you visit on the propeller plane?
M: I don't know.
K: That's o.k. You have lots of time to decide still.
M: I will decide tonight. 

Saturday, June 27

Gone Buggy

Already known as an animal nut, Matilda has taken a special shine to bugs the past few months. When Grammy was visiting she got M this insect field guide that is now her preferred bathroom reading. She also learned the saying "Don't let the bed bugs bite" from Grammy, which led to looking up bed bugs in the guide. M is unnaturally fascinated with all the pest-type insects found in that sections: bed bugs, fleas, ticks, lice. You would think we are infested around here the way she talks. Almost daily lately she has been telling me she is itchy from fleas. 

A few weeks ago hanging with her buddy at music class Matilda pointed out a scratch on her friend face. Isabelle, the mom, said that she wasn't sure where the mark had come from and Matilda responded that it was probably a bed bug bite. Isabelle looked justifiably alarmed and inquired politely as to why Matilda knew about bed bugs. We tried to reassure her that it was still safe to come over for play dates & that there was not currently a bed bug infestation at our apartment. The closest we have come is a sand flea Tim found on him recently. For days after that M was claiming to have a flea on her. A girl can dream, right? 

Wednesday, June 24

2 Months Old (Yesterday)

Porter had his 2 month check up today. The doctor checked his extra chin, his jowls, and his man boobs.  Porter stayed at 97th percentile for weight - gaining another three pounds over this past month, he weighed in at 14lb 11oz. His height was 24 1/4 inches, still 90th percentile. Matilda was almost four months old before she weighed as much as Porter already does. I think Tim & I are going to get some very nice arm definition very quickly here; especially since Porter insists on being held in a standing position (demonstrated below) whenever he's not nursing lately. He had his first shots today also and took them quite well with smiles again after only a minute of recovery time. He's such a good natured boy and showed us his happy face so much today.  
This sibling interaction also amused us quite a bit. Porter is so tolerant of Matilda's constant prodding and love:

For Grammy

We accidentally all dressed in our orange shirts from Grammy today. Well, technically Matilda wore her rainbow dress, which features orange stripes. But still, very coordinated.

Monday, June 22

Big Sister Love

Matilda & Tim got home tonight after an uneventful flight & an action packed weekend in Georgia. Matilda was so happy to see Porter she ran to us off the escalator & had eyes only for him. I think I barely got a hello, but I didn't mind at all since I was too busy getting teary over all the sibling love. 

Sunday, June 21

Sleeping Soundly

Here's proof that sometimes my kids can sleep through anything:

Porter, sleeping the totally-konked-out-sleep of a newborn, during a drumming session at music class:

Matilda was totally exhausted on this particular afternoon and not even Porter's shrill protest about being in the car could keep her awake. It seems I spoke too soon in declaring Porter a car-sleeper. More often than not he yells in the car lately. Which, I suppose is still better than screaming 100% of the time like Matilda did. 

Dirty Work

Happy Father's Day. 
I couldn't ask for a better partner in this project. (I mean in the greater parenting sense, not this particular diaper change.) My kids are so lucky. Thank you, Tim.

Saturday, June 20

Who Needs Posed Shots Anyways?

Now with two kids there's no chance we'll get everyone looking at the camera ever again. 

Thursday, June 18

Princess Confusion

Matilda has had fairly limited exposure to the Disney princess world. However, this past Saturday she had a major introduction to the gals thanks in part to Gigi's dress up bin and Molly's princess themed birthday party. And just in time, too. I think if she showed up at preschool next month with no idea who Ariel or Aurora are Matilda might have sealed her fate, socially anyways. 

Here's our princess-ignorant, bug-loving gal petting a slug and wearing two of Gigi's dress up tops (Tinkerbell & Cinderella at this particular moment). She wore these tops around the big un-birthday party that Gigi's family threw all afternoon. Everyone kept remarking on Matilda's get-up saying, "Oh, look at you, you're Cinderella." M doesn't know Cinderella but started to get clued into the whole princess gist and realized something was up. 
Then we turn up at Molly's party a few hours later and Sleeping Beauty, a real live princess, was in attendance. As Sleeping Beauty was doling out dress up dresses for the gals, Matilda was in her face insisting that she was Cinderella. You can see her below trying to be patient and explain to Matilda that, no, really, she is actually Sleeping Beauty. After M insisted 5 or 6 times that she was Cinderella, the princess finally gave in and explained that she was "Cinderella's friend." 
Matilda seemed to accept this logic and finally stopped harrassing the poor woman. M also quickly came around to liking Sleeping Beauty best since she had good stories, bubbles and just general princess party fun. 
She is now noticing princesses everywhere, although she does still hunt equally hard for pill bugs and wolf spiders so I am not yet alarmed that she's gone too girly on me.

Daddy Daughter Time

Matilda & Tim headed off to Georgia this morning for the weekend where M will get another spin in her flower girl dress. This month Matilda has finally started charging out of bed in the morning, rather than yelling to us that she is awake and to come check on her. I am sure this development is all due to Porter since she'll barely talk to Tim or I for the initial 5 minutes or so. She first has to complete her greetings to Porter, asking how his sleep was and if he's busy filling his pants. As Matilda came running in to our bedroom this morning, before she even paused to talk with her brother, she declared that she was, "ready for her adventure!" She also told me that she and Daddy were going to ride a blimp to Atlanta - hopefully the jet will be entertaining enough for her. I am so excited for them to have this time together. And I can't deny that I am thrilled with the thought of the next three and a half days when I can sleep when Porter is sleeping, or take a leisurely stroll, or go for a coffee and read trashy magazines! Who knew that a sleeping little baby is could feel so close to those carefree single days.

Tuesday, June 16

Sorry Second Kid

This phrase has become our mantra around here. Mismatched socks, sorry second kid. No birth announcement done yet, sorry second kid. Poor Porter just doesn't get all the time and attention that Matilda got as a newborn. For example, we managed to get Matilda all the way to the ripe old age of 6 months before she got a cold or any form of illness. Porter made it to 6 weeks. Now at almost 8 weeks he is working on his second cold. I am dreading July when Matilda starts pre-school and brings home all matter of germs to share. Although at the rate we are going we might run through all the different colds before then. 

Monday, June 15

Happiest Place in Anaheim

To cap off our action packed week, we spent the whole day Sunday at Disneyland. Matilda hadn't been in 7 months and was ecstatic to return. It is amazing to see how happy she is there, especially now as she is slowly introduced to more of the characters. Tim & I were commenting on how it's no wonder people end up planning their entire vacation there - just to see their kids smiling so big. Matilda had a great time and the only downside for her was being terrorized by the automatic flush toilets all day. Porter did great being dragged around and was fairly content for almost all of it. 

Matilda's now tall enough to ride the pill bug bumper cars. At the end of the ride she told Tim she didn't want to get out. Good timing for our pill bug obsessed girl. (As we went shopping one day last week she informed me she wanted to buy a new pill bug dress.)
 Porter sleeps through his second carousel ride of the day. 
Porter's first day riding forward-facing in the Bjorn. His neck is just-about sturdy enough for it and he was thrilled. He had this bug-eyed look on the whole time watching the world go by. Granted it was a flashier-than-normal Disney-colored world so that might explain the bug eyes.
 Matilda practices her big jumps while Porter watches the clouds. 
"No more tea cups, please."
It is still such a novelty to me that we are a family of four! Here we all are, riding on Matilda's favorite carousel: the sea themed one at California Adventure. This time she chose the sea horse. 

Friday, June 12


Our computer is on the fritz around here so I have been cut off from the internet-world. Since it is working momentarily, I thought I should take the chance to share that someone's head got peed on last night. To protect the innocent, I won't name names. Suffice it to say that no adults were involved and the story will most likely be fodder for future sibling harassment I imagine. 

Tuesday, June 9

More On Napping (Snore)

So in case anyone is interested in an update, I have managed twice since my desperate no-napping post to get a nap - both times with the kids also sleeping. Sunday the entire family actually napped, Porter on me in bed and Matilda piled on Tim on the couch. It was amazing, I think I even heard angels singing afterwards. Today Matilda woke from her stroller-nap still groggy so we all slumped into her bed and napped. I am sure it won't be a regular thing but it sure felt wonderful.  

Monday, June 8

Super Smiles

Porter was so happy and full of smiles today - he hardly fussed at all (not that he usually does much) and gave us loads more smiles and coos than we have been getting regularly. 
These pictures are all from first thing this morning after he woke in a great mood. Tim & I both think we are seeing signs of dimples on these cheeks. And maybe in the chin. And I think he has his daddy's earlobe dimples. So dimply and cute. 

Krispy Kreme

Somehow we've never taken Matilda to Krispy Kreme but I resolved that today with a visit since we were nearby one and I had a hankering. As expected, Matilda approved of the donuts, but she was also a huge fan of watching the operation. We spent an hour watching the fried treats roll down the line and under a curtain of glaze. Tim missed the field trip and seems a bit jealous so Matilda will be quite pleased if we all find ourselves back there soon. 

Saturday, June 6

Porter Rolls

Porter rolled from belly to back at his 2 week appointment but we didn't dare call that his first roll over since it seemed like maybe a fluke. Since, he has done it once or twice. Today, however, was the first time he did it multiple times in a row! Demonstrating his newest trick:

Unhappy Faces

Sad Clown
Straight Up Attitude

Squinty Hugs

With her buddy after music class today.

Chicken Mom

Matilda has had a renewed interest in her dress up clothes lately and ask for us to dig the chicken costume from Halloween 2007 out of the closet. M has also been really motherly to her dolls since Porter's arrival - nursing, swaddling and changing Babydoll and the whole Wizard of Oz crew.  Luckily the zipper openings on the front of this costume make it into a perfect nursing top!

Friday, June 5

On Napping

Before Porter was born I spent an inordinate amount of energy worrying about whether or not Matilda napped, trying to get her to nap, and then fretting over how long till she woke up if she did actually nap. Now I have zero concern for her napping, or Porter's for that matter. All I can think about is whether I will ever nap again.

If you have only one kid, "sleep when the baby sleeps" works fine. Once you have two kids it is all over. I am fairly certain that I will never nap again. For the most part, my exhaustion is manageable. The really hard part is reading books in the late afternoon - it never fails to put me out. Poor Matilda says "wake up, Mommy" over and over as I attempt to make my way through a book. In only 38 short days Matilda will start preschool and then I will have 3 afternoons per week to nap with Porter if he happens to sleep during the short window of time that M is gone. It sounds like paradise to me. Of course I could always use that window to exercise too, but that's another hurdle. 

Wednesday, June 3

6 Weeks & Clean

Porter got that first bath of his finally today. He wasn't too pleased with it, but we the parents were less traumatized than by Matilda's first bathHe recovered quickly and is now so delicious smelling that I may spend the night awake just sniffing him. Actually, that sounds great in theory, but with the fatigue levels around here I am sure it will be more like 2 head sniffs before I drift off next to him. Our boy is getting big so fast, I want to slow the weeks down to savor it all more and worry less about the unbrushed teeth & dirty laundry.

Tuesday, June 2

Sick Day

Matilda has another cold so we have spent yesterday and today at home, taking it easy and trying to keep the germs off of Porter. The tv policy is relaxed a bit on sick days so M spent a fair part of the day watching Planet Earth. The remainder of the day she spent mucking on the patio with a new bowl of rocks that our building manager gave her. Who knew rocks could be so entertaining? 

The Big 3-0

Happy Birthday, little brother. We love you!