Friday, June 5

On Napping

Before Porter was born I spent an inordinate amount of energy worrying about whether or not Matilda napped, trying to get her to nap, and then fretting over how long till she woke up if she did actually nap. Now I have zero concern for her napping, or Porter's for that matter. All I can think about is whether I will ever nap again.

If you have only one kid, "sleep when the baby sleeps" works fine. Once you have two kids it is all over. I am fairly certain that I will never nap again. For the most part, my exhaustion is manageable. The really hard part is reading books in the late afternoon - it never fails to put me out. Poor Matilda says "wake up, Mommy" over and over as I attempt to make my way through a book. In only 38 short days Matilda will start preschool and then I will have 3 afternoons per week to nap with Porter if he happens to sleep during the short window of time that M is gone. It sounds like paradise to me. Of course I could always use that window to exercise too, but that's another hurdle. 

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