Wednesday, May 31

Two Thumbs Down

So we ventured out for our first Mommie & Me screening this morning. M gave Friends With Money two thumbs down, although I tried to convince her it is not really fair to judge the movie if she didn't watch the entire thing. I was hoping she would nurse/nap for the duration of the show but she slept from 8:45-10, which did not bode well for our 10:30 show time. She quietly enjoyed the movie for about the first half. After that M began not-so-quietly voicing her complaints with the plot and tried to convince the other babies to revolt with her.

I actually think she may have just been bored with the dark room. Each time I took her out into the lobby she immediately stopped crying and was content to look around. Either that or she was pissed to find out there would be no popcorn for her in the near future. We will try again next week and see how she fares.

Friday, May 26


M had her two month check up today and the pediatrician confirmed our suspicions: she is a porker. She went from the 15th percentile weight-for-age at birth to the 80th percentile currently. Combine this with her shorter than average stature and you've got one fat baby on your hands. She is currently 11lb 5oz and 22 1/2", up from 6lb 4oz and 18 1/2" at birth. It appears she has mastered the art of eating and I am afraid anything that gets too close to the mouth is in peril.

She also got her first four immunizations today and took it all pretty well. The nurse was so speedy it was all over very quickly. Rather than looking upset, M just looked stunned like she wasn't sure what had happened. She screamed bloody murder until I managed to shove a boob in her mouth. She nursed for a millisecond and has been asleep since, going on 3 hours now.

Wednesday, May 24

M vs The Diaper Man

So last week M completely beat the diaper delivery man in their weekly race to the Wednesday exchange of our dirties for a fresh new bag. As you can see M was not convinced her new pile of 80 would be sufficient for the week. I am happy to report that the diaper man won this week and we had 5 diapers left when he arrived. However, we still seem to be a long way from decreasing our weekly par from 80. According to the diaper service generally at 3-4 months customers are able to decrease from 80 to 70 per week, not really the progress I was hoping for.

As of 3pm today we have 77 for the week: the race is on.

Thursday, May 18

Starting is Hard

So after years of using blog surfing as a proven method of avoidance to any dreaded task I thought I should try things from the other side. I imagine using this blog as a kind of journal of my days with M, commentary on foodie things that interest me, or possibly something else. We will see where it takes me. And if I can manage to keep up with posting regularly. Today my new idea of implementing a regular napping time for M has worked brilliantly allowing me to try and tackle this first post. We will see if she is so cooperative in the future. When I told my mom about this new napping scheme she laughed so I am not sure how best to interpret that!