Friday, May 26


M had her two month check up today and the pediatrician confirmed our suspicions: she is a porker. She went from the 15th percentile weight-for-age at birth to the 80th percentile currently. Combine this with her shorter than average stature and you've got one fat baby on your hands. She is currently 11lb 5oz and 22 1/2", up from 6lb 4oz and 18 1/2" at birth. It appears she has mastered the art of eating and I am afraid anything that gets too close to the mouth is in peril.

She also got her first four immunizations today and took it all pretty well. The nurse was so speedy it was all over very quickly. Rather than looking upset, M just looked stunned like she wasn't sure what had happened. She screamed bloody murder until I managed to shove a boob in her mouth. She nursed for a millisecond and has been asleep since, going on 3 hours now.

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