Friday, September 19

Project Boy

Porter will tell you his favorite thing about kindergarten is the projects. He is really enjoying all the little crafty challenges they have for him, flexing those glue stick muscles. Today he turned in his second biggish homework project, a family book. For both projects, it has been really interesting to see how focused he is, with a very clear picture of how he wants things to look and be done.

We had a pretty big struggle trying to convince Porter to practice his presentation of this book at home. 

For each letter of the alphabet he chose a photo to illustrate something starting with that letter, which relates to his family or things we like to do together. In class he will be expected to go through it and explain all 26 pages! I think he will probably do fine in class, when he turns on his game face, but at home he was just giving us all attitude and mumbly mumbles. For a sneak peak, here's the letter G:

Wednesday, September 17

Heat Wave

This heat wave of ours has been going on for quite a while. After Porter's first soccer game this weekend (three goals by P!), we spent the remainder of the weekend soaking ourselves in various bodies of water. 
First up for Saturday: The Pacific

Next up on Sunday: Neighbor's pool 
The kids took turns riding a Big Wheel in the pool! Bike ride in snorkel gear = wild, good times.

This grocery store display feels really wrong when it's triple digits in the parking lot!

Tuesday, September 16

Dental Adventure

Matilda had her two top cuspids removed today. The baby teeth were overdue to come out and were jamming up the path for all her grown up teeth. Hopefully this will help everything fall in a little nicer for less braces-type intervention later. She was understandably nervous but the dentist did a great job moving things along quickly so she didn't have time to get too worked up.

Her teacher encouraged her to write about her worries today, instead of the regular writing assignment, which I think helped a bunch also. She illustrated her essay with this picture. I can't chose my favorite part of this: her worried expression, the dentist pinching her wrist, the dentist's kooky eyes, or maybe my prominent teeth that are not being threatened. So much awesome.