Wednesday, September 29

Take Me Home, Continental

There were airport delays yesterday that foiled our attempts to get back to the record heat in LA, so we got one more night of pug kisses and fall colors. Trying again today to see where we end up!

Monday, September 27

Mucking in Buttermilk Falls

It was remarkably warm the first two days we were in Ithaca allowing us to get some end-of-summer splashing in.
The kids were not too interested in nice portraits by our falls.
Thankfully it cooled off so I am getting my fall-weather-needs satisfied, too!

Celebrating Half

Grammy took us out to lunch to mark Matilda's half birthday today. M, very appropriately, chose a half moon cookie as her dessert.
She was quite generous with it, offering bits to many of us and eating it slowly over the whole day. 4.5!

School Bus Thrill

My dad, with his new substitute bus driving super-powers, arranged for us all to experience a school bus ride.
Porter was in shock when he got out of the car and ran clear across the parking lot to this bus. As he got close, he turned back to check that I was seeing it too! "Bus!"
The best part was that we just drove around the bus garage, so while Porter was on the bus, he could keep yelling about all the buses he was seeing (his normal perspective on the situation).
What brings this full circle is that my dad drove bus for Tim when he was in elementary school!

Pants Optional

Turns out that the clothing policy at G-pop and Grandma Kathy's farm is pretty relaxed.

Sunday, September 26

More NY Fun from Today

Like every day here in NY, we've packed in the fun. Here's a few fun moments.

Porter was thrilled with chasing this toad around the field. Thankfully the little guy survived the attention.
Matilda gets in a pet with Abby.
Grandma Margie held her own really well on Jude. She wasn't satisfies until dad let her ride bareback!
Uncle Brian helps Porter retrieve his ball. He's been not-so-pleased with the dogs who want to participate in his ball games.
Cassidy the pug says, "That's enough humiliation, thank you." She was modeling a dog diaper for one of her older siblings.
These two had so much fun together, it was hysterical. Ask them sometime if they like smoked salmon.
Great-grandma, grandpa, uncle and kids: this almost counts as a family portrait.
Hard playing gets you good naps.

Riding Fun

We've been having too much fun in NY to post much, but you can see the kids think it is wonderland.

Here is Matilda's ride:
She looked very serious the whole time but seemed to love it.
And Porter's ride:There was no doubt that Porter liked it, he was yelling "Dig, DIG!" He had a really huge smile on his face when Dad let him operate the backhoe levers!

Also, my mom found out yesterday that her kidney function has improved enough that they are taking her off of dialysis for a trial! Hooray!

Monday, September 20

Pre-Birthday Fun

Today was the last full day Tim is with us in MI so we made sure he got lots of time hanging with the kids, banished to the backyard or the playground while I got caught up on stuff around the house with Mom. First they played on the neighbors swing set, an activity condoned by the neighbors thankfully. They also keep bringing out lots of yard toys which endlessly occupy our troops. I think tomorrow we'll make some thank-you-cookies for them. Matilda told me yesterday that she wishes she lived here because she would like a swing set.Then Tim and the kids went off to the park for a little nature walk adventure in search of black squirrels and rotten apples to chuck.
So sweet!
We capped the day off by stuffing our bellies with BBQ to ring in my last day as a 34 year old. Porter was cramming my mac and cheese in by the fistful while Matilda ate most of Tim's spare ribs. Delish.

Friday, September 17

Colorful Day

Today's entertainment included some crayons. Matilda, Grandma and I all worked on this sea scape. Then, during a grocery run, Matilda & I decided to have some fun in the Halloween aisle. Guess what color Grandma got? BLUE, Matilda's choice. Not quite the normal image you get in your head when referencing a blue hair. Grandpa Chris was daring Mom to wear hers to dialysis on Monday.

Tomorrow's fun: Daddy arrives!

That Farting Bunny

I can't get that video of Matilda up for you Bri, but here's the inspiration.

Thursday, September 16

Puddles and Passing Time

Had fun on our first full day in MI. We got good and soggy in some puddles which is always fun for our LA kids. We also got pretty soggy in the kitchen as Porter is now tall enough to reach the water dispenser on the fridge. Good times. We also spent some time with Mom at her oncology appointment today and managed to keep the kids moderately entertained throughout. At one point I resorted to taking pictures and videos to immediately show them as a distraction, including this nice one. I'll spare you the video of Matilda pretending she's a farting bunny. Now I am just passing time with Porter who seems to think he is on California time, or possibly in the Hawaii time zone. I fear he'll never sleep and worry for the rest of the household's peace as well!

Wednesday, September 15

Super Matilda

There has been a massive resurgence in dress up around here, fueled by the new cape M got at a super hero birthday party last weekend. She's been wearing it non-stop, including to the park to meet Adlai Monday.

Except when we went for dinner at her buddy's house, then the cape was quickly dropped for princess garb. First was a big huge Belle dress, followed by this awesomely obscene outfit that I pretty sure I saw in West hollywood last Halloween. She was quite pleased to have her bum hanging out!

Sunday, September 12

New Room

Matilda told me she wanted this to be her bed. How cool would that be?
If you are local and looking for some fun we highly recommend

Friday, September 10

Porter Loves Pigeons, Yogurtland & Stella!

Mr. Snacker was dropping a lot and made some friends at the park today.
Tonight marked the first night he got his own bowl at Yogurtland. Shhhh, don't tell him that his was mostly full of bananas while Matilda had chocolate sprinkles and gummy bears.
Porter goes in for a big hug on Stella.

Not for Fainthearted: Tales of Pooping

Poop: Yesterday the youngest member of our household pooped in a completely inappropriate place, to the great amusement of his older sister. It was during the standard post-bath naked time. There had already been some post-dinner pooping. It was all very unexpected and surprising to lift up his towel cape find a little pile there. I cannot stress enough how greatly amused Matilda was. She's still going on about it today, probably right now to her teachers at school. The carpet seems to have recovered fine, although I won't be offended if you no longer let your child eat snacks off our floor. It was a smallish poop, but we might need something like this.

Cookie Monster Impressions

This video is from the week in NC but I had forgotten to share it. My kids love seaweed like some monsters love cookies.


Matilda would like me to show you that this year the teachers don't have to label her artwork for her; she writes her own name thank-you-very-much.
She says this painting is a snail and a flower.

Wednesday, September 8

Last First Day of Preschool

Matilda headed off to school today. I am trying to not freak out that her next first day will be kindergarden but Holy Crap! She was super excited to see her old friends and teachers. You can't really tell here, but she has on two dresses, one skirt, a vest, and leg warmers - ever the trend setter. See how nicely they spin:
Diving right in at the arts table first.
Porter was very dismayed that he couldn't stay too!

Tuesday, September 7

Best Swim Ever

One of my favorite things about camping in Owens valley is going to swim at Keough's hot springs. It is nothing too fancy, just cooled mineral waters in a big pool in the middle of nowhere. But combine the searing heat there with some thick camping grime (sorry fellow bathers) and it is just so awesomely refreshing.
At first Porter was not convinced. Actually, I think his biggest problem was that he was not on my person. To say he is mama-centric these days is an understatement.
Matilda jumped in over and over. I suspect she may agree with my "best swim" claim.
Don't trust Gaurav. He is slippery.
Stella supervises while P mucks in the drain water.
Maybe M just likes it because the water matches her eyes?
What a pretty gal we have; I am not biased.
Porter doesn't have any fun at all.