Wednesday, October 31

Baby's First Loot

We took Matilda trick or treating tonight expecting to just see some decorated houses and watch all the other dressed up kids. As we approached the first house Matilda was intrigued by their scary ghost in the front window, but very apprehensive of the nice couple at the door. She wouldn't go close and ended up just saying "bye bye" mid-way through our exchange, indicating her desires. After three more houses without accepting any candy, she finally warmed up and caught the fever. Matilda really hasn't had any candy to speak of but somehow she knew there was something special about the little crinkly packages. She would just hold them up at us pleading "please, please" as if to say I know there is something more to this. By the end of the evening Matilda was charging up to each doorway and chanting "more" between stops. I think she was satisfied with just collecting the treat, must be genes from Daddy. While she did go to bed without eating any candy, I would say she had a pretty fun day as a little chicken.

Happy Halloween

From our hen house to yours.

Tuesday, October 30

Say Cheese

As we were taking pictures of Matilda's Halloween costume this weekend, she surprised us all by smiling on cue. M was maintaining a very serious face and Tim said, "Can you please smile for a picture?" and smile she did! It is so funny to see what her put-on smile looks like. Although I am sure we will come to a time when we don't want the forced smile in every picture and long for the days of more candid expressions.

At the Zoo with Grammy

We had another fun trip to the zoo this morning, this time with Grammy.
Matilda got to practice her alligator balancing act.

Not only did we get to see the three adorable tiger cubs romping, but the chimps put on quite the show today with a big palm tree swinging, chest thumping chase.

Matilda impressed both Mama and Grammy by climbing to the top of this rock wall thing.

Keeping things in the holiday spirit we got the chance to meet Casper, an albino rat snake.

Saturday, October 27

Fun with Grammy's Yarn

Grammy is crocheting an afghan for Matilda and brought it along to finish while here on vacation. Matilda is just as bad as the cats when is comes to assisting and had a blast with the yarn ball. We had to intervene several times as she would go running off into another room while still tangled in yarn and pulling on Grammy's stitches. Threading her toes.

Thursday, October 25

Hungry Artist

Due to the fires this week (which are not threatening us directly, but have resulted in horrible air quality) we have been trying to stay entertained with indoor activities. In desperation I have been busting out the art supplies. Matilda really loves to color/paint/sculpt for about 30 seconds. After that it is all about how much of the crayon/marker/paint/play dough she can eat before I say uncle and pack it all up. This photo does not really do justice to exactly how black your teeth look after eating the tip of a black marker. I can also report that black markers really look blue on the other end and someone at the diaper service is going to be perplexed this week. The markers which were non-toxic were less concerning than the Play Doh which very clearly said "not for consumption" and had no reassuring non-toxic statement. I think next time I will try out my mom's old play dough recipe.

Tuesday, October 23

Saturday, October 20

Baby Proofing

I have yet to see onions mentioned in any baby proofing tips. Yet, onions are a serious problem in the RD Mama household. Matilda will not stay out of the onion bin and consequently the entire house is frequently littered with onion skins. This was more of an actual hazard last year when she would choke on the skins. Now it is just a problem in the cluttered-household-makes mama-crazy sense.

Friday, October 19


Yes, fair readers, I still live and breathe. We just (if three days ago counts as just) returned from a two week east coast tour of family visiting and are getting back on track here. Hopefully I will soon return to my regularly scheduled blogging. In fact, I think I may try the post-every-day November challenge again so you can look forward to daily instalments of Matilda tales.
Making friends at her G-pop's (aka "bap") farm.