Thursday, September 8

It's Not Just Glueing Macaroni Noodles Anymore

OK, there are a million unanswered questions we have about what is going on all day at new school, but the one thing I know is LAUSD gives homework to kindergartners, on their first day.
Each week, the kids are sent home on Monday (or Wednesday in this case) with a packet to work on and turn in Friday. Here are the three pages she had this week:

Cutting practice, by far her favorite. She is in love with cutting things up, especially with her new school scissors that work, unlike the old toddler pair she had that just rip paper. If you need confetti made I have your gal.
Fine motor skills practice apparently. She had little patience for this and tore through tracing the lines haphazardly.
Matilda is not much for coloring so the fact that she managed to (over two nights) fill this page in astonished me.
My overall impression at this point: today was better than yesterday, there was less crying from her at pick up, it is a big adjustment for all of us. Talking to the teacher today she said Matilda is very bright but has a hard time waiting her turn. It seems M gets out of her chair to go ask the teacher questions when the teacher is helping another of the 23 kids out, which is not allowed and earns her a demerit in their smiley face/green light-red light system. I am not sure how I am ever going to get used to this whole scenario myself in order to endorse it to her.

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