Friday, September 16

Friday Progress Report

Today's lunch:
 Matilda ate only the sunflower seeds at school. I don't understand how she is functioning on so little fuel at school. The mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, cornbread and pears were all devoured at 3:30. So far, her "late lunch" everyday does not appear to be impacting her dinner appetite, so in theory it is all fine.
For today's fun Porter went to his first zoo class. The focus was movement and for the animal guest we got to meet and pet this rainbow boa and see how he moved. Porter was so darn cute marching around in his backpack full of zoo class toys and education prop things.
 After zoo class we went downtown with Stella to the fabric district to find material for my bench cushion project. Then Stella and Sarah joined us to witness the chaotic Kindergarten pick-up.
Matilda screamed and laughed when she saw who we had at the gate. It was very sweet. 
Two days in a row with no tears at pick-up = progress. We all went to Froyolife for frozen yogurt to celebrate. Today's crazy frozen yogurt flavor: Maple Bacon Donut. It was pretty good and not too bacon-y.

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