Wednesday, September 7

Final Report on Day 1

It is so hard to drag any details out of Matilda, especially ones not embellished by likely fantastical elaboration (like the one that the Principal really liked meeting her and invited her for a sleepover). However, after much gentle questioning it seems that today she had her name erased from the "smiley face list" on the board for not listening. She also somehow got released at the gate and missed me in the crowd so was (quickly) found sobbing by another preschool-mom-friend. The final straw is that she may be getting whatever is causing Porter's big fever. Add all these infractions, on top of new school, new rules, long day, and I can see how it was easily a really rocky day. As the evening wore on, she got more and more positive about Kindergarten so we'll start fresh tomorrow. I am really hoping that she doesn't have a fever in the morning so she can go make some more good memories and not dwell on her first hard day.
Tim very thoughtfully brought her flowers home at the end of his day. Matilda was so thankful and sweet and happy about it. He also brought me my own bouquet - we are lucky girls.

As an aside, Sarah Jo passed this link along to me mid-morning which sent me into a fresh round of tears and heartache about my girl growing up. If you are a parent and need a good cry, follow that link.

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