Sunday, September 11

Week 2 Will Be Better

On Friday, we experimented with giving Matilda money to buy milk at lunch for the first time. She was really excited about it and even had a new Hello Kitty change purse to carry her fifty cents in. As I picked her up, one of the things I asked was how it went with buying milk. She reassured me that she bought it, she was very excited to buy it, buying it was fun, and that the milk was in her lunchbox. I guess I hadn't explicitly told her to drink it. So, at 2:35 she busted her lukewarm milk out of the lunchbox and downed it outside the school gate. Here is lunch for Monday (this is my inspiration/goal), already packed to make the a.m. mad dash tomorrow a bit less hectic: roast beef sandwich, apples with peanut butter, tomatoes, green beans and pickles. I am trying to pack Matilda her favorite foods to make her more likely to actually eat something. I would put my money on this lunch coming home 95% intact tomorrow. She will then devour it in the first 20 minutes at home.


aprilk said...

Caleb saw the picture and said, "I wish I could have that lunch!" You are so lucky to be allowed to send peanut butter...we are a no-nuts school.

KK said...

Matilda's preschool was no nuts also. I am really thankful we can send nuts & think this configuration will be repeated often. She actually ate all of the apples and peanut butter which was the most she has eaten of anything at school.