Saturday, September 24

Dying of Soccer Cuteness

Matilda had her first AYSO soccer practice and scrimmage today. They get uniforms; I almost couldn't take the cute. She seemed to really enjoy it, especially the drills part. Once it got to the game she was cracking Tim & I up with her ability to avoid the ball, but yet run with the bunched up herd of players. 
 Each time she found herself caught in the crowd running by she would throw her arms up flailing like she was under attack by mosquitos. Thankfully she heard my cheering more than my giggling. At one point during the game, she and her equally adorable new gal-pal team mate were holding hands as they spaced out together.
  As an enormous bonus, there is a huge patch of field that is not used by the many teams of 5 years old. Porter got to run himself silly dribbling a ball back and forth for the entire 90 minutes with fairly little redirection needed! I can't wait for next week's fun.

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