Saturday, September 17

Blog as Baby Book: Misinformation

Here are some of the things that Matilda has reported to us about school.

  • The playground has a rather large, spiral water slide that they get to play on at recess. Matilda requested I pack a bathing suit in her backpack one day. 
  • One day M blew her nose in class and had a bloody nose so she got sent to the nurses office. She reported that the nurse was really nice and she "gave me an injection with her syringe."
  • After eating lunch one day they all sent their lunch boxes zooming down the slide. Matilda said her green beans went, "Weeeeeee!" and waved their green bean selves all around.
  • Matilda explained how they have ballet class at school where she gets to dress up in a large silver ballerina dress and wear ballerina shoes covered with diamonds.
For homework, you can determine which items are fictional. Your guess is as good as mine.

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