Tuesday, November 13

Something Fun Everyday: Play

 We filled our day with play today, meeting 15 preschool friends in the park for hours this morning and then hosting two more friends at home after elementary school. It was a day filled with wild fun and I realized how pooped we all were when I was feeding the kids dinner at 5pm, two hours earlier than normal, and making a hard push for bedtime!

Some random rider with her very friendly and calm horse came over to let the preschool crowd feed and pet him. Porter was disappointed the horse did not take the tiny grass bits from his palm, but was VERY impressed by how frothy his mouth was already from grass.
 Porter's good pal was offering up face paintings. They were both so adorably serious and concentrated.
Porter said he requested a pirate but when she said she could not do one he happily settled for a rainbow. 
During the afternoon play someone came up with the idea that they needed to have a pajama dance party. They all got changed and then rocked out like crazy.

Matilda's class is having a pajama day party on Thursday and I imagine the energy level will be something like this!

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