Wednesday, November 7

Jet Pack + Goose Egg = Donut

At preschool today they made super cool jet packs. Here is Porter wearing his:

Porter's jet pack was so powerful that it propelled him super fast across the playground, leading to a trip-fall-bonk scenario. His goose egg was so huge that they called me to come pick him up. This photo does not do it justice. The bump is enormous, even still.
Thankfully he did not have any lethargy, vomiting or irritability (a very subjective thing to measure for a three year old) that the pediatrician asked us to watch for. Even after a SECOND afternoon fall-bonk on the same spot he hung in there fine.

A donut did seem to help relieve the left-school-early/big-bonk blues.
Hopefully the swelling will settle down soon and his forehead will someday look normal again in case we ever get him a haircut.

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