Thursday, November 8

Beach Day

It was rainy and overcast today, but the rain stopped just at the right time when we arrived at the beach and started again on our drive home. We also, by luck, timed it perfectly for low tide and got some good tidepool-time in. Porter may have picked up every one of the zillions of hermit crab on the beach!
The seagulls were also out in force.

 Watched this seagull catch some lunch. A squid I think?
We also found great joy in (gently) poking the anemones to watch their reactions as they retract and squirt water. One actually squirted water higher than I have ever seen, maybe 6" high. The kids were thrilled with that one!
 Skeptically watching a lone surfer, the only other person on the beach.
 Happy kite flyers.
 The wind was not very strong, which led Porter to the great temptation of chasing the low flying kite.
I love the beach so much better in the winter! No sign of sand hills for sleeping built up yet, but we will be checking back for certain. 

For the record, Porter's goose egg is looking fantastic today. Not so swollen now but beautiful shades of yellow, purply rainbow bruise. He mentioned tonight that he might not want to go back to school tomorrow, just in case they were going to do jet packs again. He rejected my suggestion that he just make a "medium speed" jet pack. Silly mama.

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