Thursday, November 1

Trick or Treat!

Here's our crew headed out in search of candy last night. I am pretty sure they were all yelling "candy" as we took this picture!
 Stella had an adorable little frog to go with her princess costume!
Our Halloween loving family, assembled for action!

We stopped by the neighbors house where all our buddies were gathering before they hit the streets.  The kids were so excited to see each other.
 Stella in awe of enormous rainbow eyelash extensions.
We then went over to our old neighborhood to trick or treat, where it is always jamming. Friends who live there report they gave out 1200 pieces of candy!
They also really get into decorating their houses over there. This soldier guy was greeting all the trick or treaters at one house and had Porter captivated. 
Captain America wanders in a candy daze, with his mouth full of chocolate, near the end of our night. 
 Another fabulous holiday for our Halloween crazy household. The trick or treating was so successful that we have invited the switch witch to come tonight. The switch witch (a friendly witch) will come tonight while we are all sleeping and take all the candy and in its place leave Porter and Matilda with a cool new toy. Matilda is not too candy crazy and was immediately excited about this idea and agreed. Porter followed Matilda's lead in agreeing to let the switch witch visit, but I am a little afraid of tomorrow morning when he realizes the full impact of this swap! As he went to bed tonight I heard Porter say, "The switch witch is mean!"

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