Saturday, November 10

Best Track Ever

We got Porter this hand me down train table for a steal over two years ago. He plays on it everyday and I can safely say it was possibly the best $30 we've ever spent. There is often a train track set up on it, but occasionally you can find a big landscape of roads, legos, plastic animals, or even pet rats. Today we disassembled this track that Tim declared his best ever. 
Porter loves his trains a whole lot, but Tim and I get just as into (if not more) building tracks and conquering the spacial challenge of looping tracks around and back to make them fit within the rectangle. This track had enough mileage that several people could all drive at the same time, with Porter's hard-won permission, of course. Before we took it down to make room for lego building today, Tim had to take a picture in case we want to recreate it another time!

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