Monday, May 3


Here are some things we laughed about in the past few days:
  • Uncle Brian pole dancing with Mom's IV pole. I tried desperately to get him to let me photograph it, but he is a wise man with political ambitions.
  • Sitting around Mom's room yesterday we heard them call a "Code Emma" (stroke) over the loudspeakers. Chris, Mom & I then proceeded to make up our own codes. We were falling out of our chairs over the thought of whatever code they might call if someone spotted Mom's bare butt hanging out of her gown while climbing out her window down a sheet-ladder to escape.
  • Also, poop jokes. In the hospital there is a lot of concern over when you last pooped. We are getting a lot of miles out of that.
Amid all the craziness right now of trying to get Mom well, I want to remember these moments.

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