Tuesday, May 11

Seeking Your Advice

OK, really, tell me what to do. I do not know how to get this kid to cool it. Pictured below she looks adorable in her outrageous get-up at the Science Center today: astronaut gear and mis-matched boots.
A few moments later I discovered her not-so-adorable secret. She was hiding her mouth in the astronaut suit because she was CHEWING SOMEONE ELSE'S OLD GUM. This was not the first incident. How do I get this kid to stop picking up germ-ridden trash to chew? I'm guessing a muzzle is not legal.

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Jess Butler said...

Haha Kris, I can only imagine the shock you experienced when you discovered the gum- it's both hilarious and horrifying. I don't know if it would help, but since Matilda loves books, maybe there is some kind of story out there about germs, that would help her understand without freaking her out too much and making her a germophobe.
P.S. It's insane how cute she looks in the astronaut costume!