Monday, September 17

How to Pass Time in Line

We went to Disneyland today for some fun while Matilda had an extra day off from school. Usually we do not wait in any line longer than 15 minutes but we made an exception to that rule today as it was crazy busy there and we wanted to check out the new Cars Land rides. Here are some ways you could pass your time if you find yourself in a 40 minute line.

Hang on the bars. If they have chain barriers it is even better because they are both noisy as you hang AND have the potential to whack some other poor unsuspecting child.
Work on your upper body strength and try to kick your legs into the people behind you. Or your mom in front of you!
 Dance and sing like a crazy.
 Climb on the rails some more and chat with your friends.
 Zone out watching the ride you are waiting for.

 Look for garbage to pick up! Not to provide a litter-reducing service, just to germ-ify your hands.
And then there is the classic stand-by, snacks!
(We actually had a lovely time and overall the kids did great with the long lines, other than infringing on the body space of our fellow waiters a bit.)

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