Wednesday, September 26

More Emmys

Since it is not yet two weeks ago, I can totally still post more Emmy pics, right?

Tim documents his red carpet experience.
The view from our seats. 
Since there are so many awards to be presented, a soon as your name is announced as the winner this huge timer would start counting down. You had 45 seconds to get from your seat, to the stage and to COMPLETE your thank yous. It was brutal, some folks by the end were running down the aisles. I remember one film maker speaking about her documentary saying, "Thank you for giving us a voice," right as they cut her off. Just a little ironic.
Tim's super star co-workers on stage! It was super fun to be there caught up in all the excitement as they jumped up form their seats.
Posing with the Emmy and its' owner at the Governors Ball. Matilda was incredulous to find out we were going to a ball. "A real ball!?" she asked.
All the courses were very fancily arranged on our plates. I only took a picture of dessert but really wish I had a photo of the 1st course. It was this crazy looking sphere made of smoked salmon and avocado, then rolled in nuts and seeds and sprouts kind of like a cheese ball. A nightmare for a fancy event as everyone filled their teeth with seeds.

Mingling around the stage area.

Crappy cellphone pictures of the entertainment. There was so much to take in I think we may not have appreciated it fully. At one point we looked up and realized a bunch of singers were on trapezes!

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