Friday, September 14

Woah, We Live In Hollywood!

Late this afternoon Tim discovered that we get to take advantage of some extra tickets to the Emmys tomorrow night. Not the televised, huge Emmys, but the creative Emmys where all the behind the camera and reality tv folks get their recognition. One of the shows that Tim works on is nominated in several categories so tomorrow we get to go! I am almost thankful for the last minute notice because it is less time to freak out about getting fancy enough. In record time today we managed to secure a babysitter, a new suit, a borrowed fancy little black dress, a new bra to go with said dress, a new clutch (clearance!) and a hair and make-up appointment. (I will need professional assistance to get beautiful. She is giving me a discounted rate because I do not want fake eyelashes applied.) It will be an epic event with award show at 4 and then the fancy dinner from 8-11. Pictures to follow for certain of fancy folks and expertly applied make-up.

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