Sunday, November 24

More Fitness Fun

The trail race folks that set up my 1/2 marathon yesterday also organized a Sunday morning 10K trail run. There was even a discounted option to run both; a completely crazy idea if you ask me. My body felt better at 7 a.m. today than it does now, but it was in no shape to run up another hill. Lucky for us, Sarah and Gaurav decided to run the 10K so we got custody of their cuties for the morning. Matilda and Porter were both asleep still for the early drop off and were thrilled to wake up to an instant party. 
 After several rounds of play and dress up everyone settled in for a huge helping of pancakes.
Rafi did a lot of cooking in the kids kitchen, too. It is so fun to have a 1 year old around and remember what a fantastically fun age it is. Or maybe it is just that Rafi is totally awesome.
In other fitness related news, Porter got a new hand-me-down bike on Friday. His first hand-me-down pedal bike was so small for him that he was starting to look like a circus bear on it. We were holding out for a certain December occasion to upgrade, but a mom friend noticed his little bike and offered up their own recently outgrown bike. 
The amazing part is how he is so much faster on this bike. I didn't think it was possible. I guess it is all physics, right, the large wheel rotation moves the bike faster I think, but man it is astounding. Tim came back totally winded from their first ride up a few blocks and back. He said he was at a flat out run to keep up with him. I think it's good news for faster laps around the reservoir!

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