Friday, November 22


Since I bought the vinegar for our dilly bean project at Costco, I think we may have enough to pickle every green bean in LA county.
Porter was a fabulous canning assistant today. The most tedious part of making dilly beans is packing the jars. Often the beans are too tall. Then you have to trim them all to just the right height that they fill the jar as much as possibly, without being so tall that the beans interfere with the lid sealing. Porter stood by my side during the whole process to assist with the trimming. At first he ate every bean end that I trimmed off. After eating about 2 cups of bean bits, he switched over to collecting them all in a bowl. For our last jar of the day he helped me fill it with bean ends so he will have his own private stash of dilly beans!

Here Porter watches the already processed jars and waits patiently for the "ping" sound that indicates they have sealed. It is the most satisfying sound!

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