Wednesday, November 20

Nothing Stops This Blogger!

Actually exhaustion does.  Tim here. Poor Kristen was up all last night tending to our little gal who somehow picked up her brother's puking bug a week later. Consequently K has passed out tonight with no new post for her adoring masses.  Rather than have her wake up and feel disappointed about messing up her posting-everyday-in-November streak I'm going to postpone reading my latest copy of The Walking Dead for one more night and fill your screen with something new. Sort of.

I know a lot of her readers are not Facebook regulars, so here's a couple bits of awesome you might have missed recently that relate to our world:

1) This spectacular shot of our friendly neighborhood mountain lion, P-22, taken for National Geographic. We all love that he's slinking around the hills so close to us and keeping things WILD in our metropolis. Here's the story of the shot. It's in the December issue of Nat Geo Magazine.

   2) This ad for Goldie Blox was plowing through FB today.  SO GOOD and it was so satisfying to show it to my little gal (and son) for the requested multiple viewings:

On the topic of old Facebook news, my grandma on my mom's side passed away last week. I didn't manage to take some time until yesterday to just step away from everything.  I kept tabs with my mom over the phone as she travelled to pick up Grandma's ashes and sent me pix of important family history sites.

 Church where my parents were married.
My parents' wedding party on the steps of the church.  There's all of my grandparents in one shot!

Best of all I just took the time to be thankful for what I have right here without trying to get a 1000 things done.

The RD Mama and I took a hike alone for the 1st time in what must be 7 YEARS.  Really great.  We even saw a BIG coyote.

 I never get to just hang with Porter at preschool.  It was a fun treat for both of us. Here he's taking my order at his school restaurant. 

I picked up Matilda from school and took her and Porter out for fro-yo.  A simple but perfect pleasure. There's no picture of that so here's one from our Sunday hike where she's got plenty of cute for  you: 
That's what I've got for you, RD Mama supporters.  Thanks for your cooperation. - Tim  11-20-13

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