Saturday, November 23

I'm a Trail Half Marathon Finisher!!

Holy cow! I surprised myself on this one.
The weather came through and it was an absolutely beautiful day. The rain yesterday cleared out the air and you could see amazing views, from snow capped mountains on one side all the way to the ocean and islands beyond in the other direction. Not to mention downtown and our beloved Observatory. 
The amazing views helped marginally to distract me from the hard work my body was doing! The hills were really brutal, but walking breaks for the really steep sections and the camaraderie of everyone on the trail made it all manageable. I figured a few more seconds on my time were not going to make any difference, so a fellow runner and I traded photo taking duties in front of the Hollywood sign. 
Even with rubbery tired out legs, I somehow always find a little something to kick in for the last hundreds yards to the finish line.   
It was so fun for me to have the kids at the finish line for high fives.
  They rushed right over for big congratulatory hugs and in my weakened state they almost took me down with their enthusiasm - such sweet, proud kids.

I took this wobbly video as I was walking up over one of the peaks and came upon a troop of Boy Scouts playing trumpets. It shows a little of the great views up there in a surreal musical moment. 

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