Tuesday, November 19

A Shurkey or a Teep?

Matilda's disguised turkey project was due today. 
I always really enjoy seeing the high excitement level as kids arrive to school on the days a big project is due. They are all so eager to share their work and see what ideas other kids have come up with; it is very sweet to witness. 

I was really happy to see how much practice and thought she put into. I totally understand the tendency to rush through a project,  so you can be done and get back to your book. However, it was really nice to see her resist that urge this time.

Another task on the assignment was to write an essay from the turkey's point of view, convincing your audience not to eat you.

"Hi, I'm Mr. Sheep. You should not eat me on Thanksgiving. I am too cute to eat, so you can cuddle with me instead. I have too much wool and if you eat me you might get a hairy mouth. If I kick you with my hooves, you could fall on the ground and get hurt! You do not eat sheep on thanksgiving, you eat turkeys. AND I AM NOT A TURKEY!!!"

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